Becky’s Fund Supporter Appreciation Reception

24 Jun

Becky’s Fund, a charity organization in Washington, DC started former Survivor: Cook Island contestant Becky Lee, has adhered to its mission of ending domestic violence, educating men and women on recognizing the signs of domestic violence while providing resources on ways tog et out of dangerous relationships. Since its inception in 2006, Becky’s Fund has hosted various fundraisers, both big and small to raise awareness of domestic violence, which has made headlines in recent news with celebrities like Rihanna and Charlie Sheen and was even a big story line on General Hospital soap opera. On Tuesday night, Becky’s Fund hosted its Annual Supporter Appreciation event at 19th Bar downtown for all the people that have supported the charity and helped spread the message of zero tolerance of domestic violence.

“It is crucial that we address domestic violence today, and not after a tragedy occurs seeing as how one in every three women will be or has been affected by domestic violence, and startling statistics now show that one in three teen dating relationships will also become abusive. Unfortunately, most of the abuse happens behind closed doors,” said Becky Lee, who has mobilized Washington socialites and elected officials to get involved in the eradication of domestic violence movement.
“Tuesday’s Happy Hour at 19th provided a comfortable setting for participants to open up the conversation on the prevalence of dating violence, how to help victims, and spreading the understanding that it is never a victim’s fault for being abused. If our event reached just a single person, then our efforts for the cause is considered worthwhile,” she added.

Kate Michael of K Street Kate and Stef Woods

 Leia Warren of iCosmetic Network

Mary and Rich Amons of Real Housewives of DC are big supporters of Becky’s Fund. Mary told Glamazon Diaries that:

“My dear friend, Becky Lee is making an unprecedented impact on educating, protecting, defending and preventing domestic abuse. Becky’s passion for her mission is an inspiration to me as her friend and fellow philanthropist.” Mary Amons, founder of Labels for Love and cast member of “The Real Houswives of DC”


One Response to “Becky’s Fund Supporter Appreciation Reception”

  1. leia warren June 25, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    We had an wonderful time. It is always the greatest feeling to give.. and make a difference in other people’s lives.

    Happy Happy Happy Hour!!

    See everyone at the Ballgame !!

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