DKNY Pre-Fall Ad Campaign

14 Jun

By now you all know how crazy in love I am with the DKNY collection.  The collection is quintessential New York with young, vibrant yet sophisticated silhouettes that fit seamlessly into other DKNY pieces I own. The pre-fall ad campaign has been on the website since May and I have to say, it’s one of my favorites.  The DKNY collection includes hues of reds, blacks, blues and neutrals that tie in perfectly with last summer and the Hamptons-going crowd. You don’t really have to be in New York to have the DKNY chic sophisticate attitude.

I can see the polo crowd and sailing crowd in the red and navy themed collection that is effortless. The cocktail and couture crowd in Washington would probably go for the black and pattern collection updated with textured skirts and graphic pattern silks for dimension. I love the entire collection but what got me excited was the collection of sleeveless cozies. The cozy is my year round must-have item that works well for layering.  I have learned how to tie the DKNY Cozy all twelve ways and usually recycle the same cozy three times before sending it to the cleaners.


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