Go Green: Honoré des Prés gives new meaning to Perfume to go?

22 Apr

Honoré des Prés is the first line of french organic scents designed by the legendary Olivia Giacobetti, nose and one of the world’s foremost contemporary fragrance composers. Honoré des Prés fragrances are completely natural and certified organic by ECOCERT. They include no petrochemical products or synthetic perfumes, and are free of coloring agents and phthalates.

The hip new house of Honoré des Prés launched in Paris in November 2008 with a slogan, “Rich is Simple”, and a mission: offer a line of 100% organic, phthalate-free, colorant-free fragrances that could live up to the standards of fine French perfumery.

The hugely talented Olivia Giacobetti took up the challenge, adapting the trademark, ethereal style developed for L’Artisan Parfumeur (the cult classics Dzing, Passage d’Enfer, Premier Figuier) and her own brand IUNX, to the particular constraints of organic perfumery. Using only 10% of her usual palette — raw materials certified by ECOCERT®, the leading European authority on organic certification – she has managed a technical and artistic feat: these really smell like the different moods of nature.

And who is Mr. Honoré des Prés, you might ask? The eccentric, night-clubbing, nature-loving and hopelessly romantic aristocrat is the brainchild of the brand’s creator, Christian David (formerly of Dior and Sisley), who created a cast of quirky characters to embody each fragrance. The name Honoré des Prés is actually a contraction of the names of the two aristocratic quarters of Paris, the Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

This is organic for chic Bohemians. But the main point is: it smells good. And it’s Giacobetti. Now you’ve got no excuse not to go green.


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