The 2 Bandits make an appearance at New York Fashion Week

22 Feb

Finding new ways to wear shoes has always been challenge. Until recently, the only thing I could do with shoes was to add a brooch or a clip on it to add a touch of bling. I usually ended up losing my pretty creation at the end of the night because I didn’t know what I was doing and did not want to make a permanent change to my precious shoes by glueing things on them.

Enter the 2 Bandits, an accessories company that was started by two friends who met in New York City in 2005.  The concept is simple, to create a decorative band that can be put on boots/booties to add a touch of sparkle and versatility without permanently altering the boots.  I was fortunate enough to be gifted two pairs of the 2 Bandits last year but couldn’t find the right boots for the longest time.  Having large calves is a curse because most boots don’t fit me right, except for J.Crew extended calves.  In any case I bought a pair of Penny Loves Kenny boots from Gilt Groupe a few weeks ago and was over the moon when the calves fit perfectly.

On my recent excursion to New York City for Fashion Week, I opted for the boots on days I felt heels would be too much of a hassle.  To dress up the boots a bit more, I added the Moondance I to the top of my boots as I walked through the tents and around the city. I received so many compliments, with many thinking that the embellishment on the top was part of the boot. I told them it was a brand called The 2 Bandits, which became a conversation starter. The company has so many Bandits to choose from that it will be impossible to ever get bored with the same pair of boots.


One Response to “The 2 Bandits make an appearance at New York Fashion Week”

  1. Emily February 22, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    Caaaahyuteee! In love!

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