Sex and the City 2 SJP looks available at Neiman Marcus

6 Jan

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped onto the streets of New York during the filming of Sex and the City 2 in Halston Hintage last year with fashionistas cooing over her outfit. She wore not one but two frocks from collection, which became instant hits. The Halston Heritage collection is now available to the public exclusively at Neiman Marcus. The eight piece collection features reproductions of “iconic ’70s classics” with a modern twist.

The Halston Heritage collection brings Studio 54 glamour to modern day women who want a piece of vintage-inspired looks in their collection. According to Neiman Marcus, Halston “defined Studio 54 glamour with his halter jumpsuits and flowy dresses.”

I do love the white dolman sleeve V-neck jersey dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wore but I’m not sure I would buy it after its gotten so much exposure. I do love the metallic stripe electric blue dress and might snag it for the spring. The collection is very affordable with most pieces ranging in price from $325 to $435. The orange gown is the priciest piece, costing $895. Don’t you just love this collection?


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