Barbie’s Got Cankles…but is getting a Christian Louboutin makeover

13 Oct

Barbie’s got fat ankles, according to legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who has been nabbed by Matel to design three Barbie dolls slated to hit stores in the spring. Louboutin, who designed 50 pumps for the 50th Anniversary Barbie Fashion show this past spring, said he was not happy with Barbies contours so he redesigned her figure. “He found her ankles were too fat,” explained a Louboutin spokesperson to WWD.

I can’t wait to see the three new and improved Barbie dolls from Christian Louboutin. WWD revealed that one of the dolls will be unveiled in time for the Cannes Film Festival. Not since my early childhood years have I been so excited for the release of a new Barbie. The three Christian Louboutin Barbies are so “completely wild” and get this, each one comes with mini Louboutin boxes for their shoes. How fabulous is that?


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