Bella’s Edward Charm Bracelets from New Moon

3 Aug

I’ve been bitten by the Twilight Saga bug and the thrilling sensation of teenage love is spreading through my veins. Last week I made a comment on my twitter page that I wish the first movie in the Twilight series would have made the Cullens a bit more fashionable as the book illustrates. I guess I got my wish with New Moon, the second movie. The two previews from Comic-con last week showed the characters, specifically the vampires in a lot more fashionable threads.

Bella, the main character in the book and movie, also got an upgrade in the wardrobe department. The brooding teen looks perfectly plain but a bit edgier in her skinny J Brand jeans and fab accessories, including a set of black jelly bangles by Jules Smith. These bangles, which I am a huge fan of, have been around for a while but revamped just for the movie. Bella wears the black jelly bangles with fang charms on them, a sign of love for her vampire Edward. Available for around $20, teenage girls will be swarming the website to get a piece of Edward or feel like Bella in these charmtastic bracelets.

The Charm School Vintage Jellies, $80 and Bella’s Good Luck Charm bracelet (right), $20 are available for pre-order now on Jules Smith’s website. Sink your teeth into them before the are sold out.


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