Gestuz Summer Collection

28 Jul

I discovered Gestuz, a brand that prides itself on creating pieces that are chic, no fuss and versatile, while searching for a one shoulder studded gown last night. The Gestuz brand is about giving women what they want and their summer collection does just that. Every single piece, from a black maillot, ruffled cotton mini dress and a leather romper to skin tight acid washed jeans, a cropped leather jacket or a long one shoulder gown, has one thing in common: black and white with a splash of color.

Gestuz is not boring. The ease of the summer collection is appealing. Think Parisian chic or something that Serena van der Woodsen would wear on Gossip Girl. It’s a bit rock ‘n roll and a bit romantic. I can see Washingtonian women wearing every single piece in the Gestuz summer collection just like I can see New Yorkers doing the same.

I am absolutely lusting after the bustier top in the first picture in the second row and the belted dress in the first picture of the last row. What I love about this collection is that it has something for every body type and that every piece in the collection can be worn with other things that women already have in their closets.







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