I’m a Glamour Magazine Glambassador

2 Jul

I was chosen by Glamour magazine in April to be one of two Glambassadors for Washington,DC. As the representative of our nation’s capital, I will be hosting parties, which you all will be invited to, that will be in the promotional pages of Glamour mag, get VIP access to events and best of all tons of freebies. The mission of a Glambassador is to show Glamour magazine readers the best of the best of what our cities have to offer. The best places to shop, workout, chow down, dance. If it’s hot, I’ll be on the pulse of it. I will be enlisting the help of friends, local businesses and venues for their support in making Washington shine.

Go to www.glamalert.com/glambassador to check out the other gals from different parts of the country who will be promoting their city.


One Response to “I’m a Glamour Magazine Glambassador”

  1. The Frocker July 4, 2009 at 6:33 pm #

    Congratulations! Sounds like a lot of fun… I’m looking forward to these events. 🙂

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