Madonna and LV are a match made in 80s heaven

1 Jul

Louis Vuitton’s fall 09 campaign ads are out and who nabs the spot as the face of LV? None other than our favorite ’80s femme chanteuse Madonna. The ads have already garnered a lot of criticism for the excessive photoshopping done to Madge’s face, with some saying the reason for the enhancement is because she looks too old or busted. Photoshop or not, Madge is still on top of her game. I mean look at her. How many 25 year-olds have bodies like that? Not to mention she still sells out stadiums.

Back to LV: The campaign an ode to grunge and the 80s. Check out the fingerless gloves and bunny-esque headpiece. The picture above of Madge with Marc Jacobs and his fiance Lorenzo is reminiscent of the Met Gala outfit, atrocious but definitely is a statement maker.

In other Louis Vuitton news: Kanye West’s sneaker collaboration with Louis Vuitton hits select stores today. Grab a pair before they run off the shelves.


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