DIY: Ribbon Shoes

30 Jun

It’s DIY (do it yourself) time. I ran across the shoe above in a recent article on and absolutely loved it. I think it’s a Balenciaga shoe but not really sure. Anyway, lusting after these shoes weren’t enough so I decided to take matters into my own hands by creating a different version of the ribbon shoes. I am not really a fan of the heel itself but love the ribbon lace so I found a pair of opened toe booties at, which I will be redesigning with my own ribbon.

The Tumlin Open Toe Booties ($100) have an black elastic laces that look a bit too hard for me. To add more personality to these booties, I am going to replace the black shoe laces with some colorful silk ribbon, maybe in pink or yellow. The beauty of replacing the laces with ribbon is that you can use different colored laces to coordinate with any outfit, which will save you a lot of loot in the long run. Come fall and winter, swap the bright colored laces for darker or jewel toned colors.

Tumlin Open Toe Booties, $100

PC: and

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