Lust List: Gap collaboration with CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund

18 Jun

Earlier this year, Gap announced a new collaboration with CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists Alexander Wang, Vena Cava and Albertus Swanepoel to create their own interpretation of the Gap khaki. The result is a wonderful collection of dresses, skirts, pants and hats that are perfect and just in time for the summer.

My favorite piece in the entire collaboration is the Vena Cava Printed Dress, $88. The entire collection takes the traditional Gap khaki to new heights with varying shapes, cuts and prints. When I think of khaki, I think of Safaris and prep school kids. This collection is neither.

Alexander Wang brings his classic American sportswear flare to the original American uniform, the khaki. Shorts are feminized with pleats and ruffles and a bit more flare in the leg. Trench coats and pants get more personality with distressed fabrics. All in all, Wang’s collection gets a two thumbs up for effortless chic.

Everything in the entire CFDA/Vogue Fund collection is reasonably priced with the most expensive items capping at $88. Hats to keep you cool for the summer are $39.50 and a dress with personality and chicness will set you back just $88.

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