ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money back on the air in July

9 Jun

Summer is creeping up on us and that means tons of re-runs of boring shows and lots of movie watching on Lifetime. Oh what is a glamazon to do? For those who enjoy Gossip Girl and 90210 and cringe at the prospect of living without these two shows until the fall, I’ve got some news for you. ABC’s evening operatic show Dirty Sexy Money is coming back on after a hiatus on July 18th for four weeks. Yup! The Darlings are back and I can’t wait to see what Jeremy, Tripp, Patrick, Karen, Nick George and Simon Elder are up to.

The episodes of Dirty Sexy Money will air on Saturdays at 10 pm EST for four weeks starting July 18th. If you haven’t seen Dirty Sexy Money, I suggest you start watching it and pray that ABC will bring it back in the fall. It’s like a grow-up version of Gossip Girl but even better.


One Response to “ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money back on the air in July”

  1. Andrea Azoon January 11, 2010 at 6:18 pm #

    This was an awesome show! Do you know if it is coming back on the air?

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