Lingerie designer Britta Uschkamp visits Washington

5 May

After a year of email and facebook correspondences, I finally met Parisian lingerie designer Britta Uschkamp, who was passing through Washington, DC from Charlottesville on her way back to New York City. 

We met up in Georgetown during lunchtime to just chat and walk around to visit several boutiques in the area that might be interested in carrying her collection.
Britta’s collection of lingerie are mostly inspired by television, with her latest collection, Passionate Conviction, all about the Fox television series Prison Break. 
One look at her Multi panty and you will want to….well…I will leave that to the imagination. Britta’s besteller is her multi underwear, with miles of satin ribbon that can be creatively wrapped around the body. Your man will be begging to take it off or perhaps want you to keep it on every single day.
While checking out her collection, we started talking about why men don’t buy lingerie as much for their wives and why a lot of women cannot express themselves with lingerie. Lingerie is a fun way of spicing things up between lovers and also a way for a woman to feel sexy, even if she knows that no one else will see it. 
I am a big supporter and a fan of Britta’s collection and I’m hoping it gets carried by stores in Washington, DC. Britta said besides myself, there is one other person who has something from her collection, and it’s a woman in Charlottesville, VA who is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary. I will be hosting a trunk show with Britta’s collection in the next couple of months and will keep you all posted. Until then, please check out her collection at


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