Michelle Obama’s Vogue pictures revealed

11 Feb
The Washington Post reported yesterday afternoon that our FLOTUS had landed the March cover of Vogue with editorial by Andre Leon Talley. My friend Alicia just sent me the link to some of the Michelle Obama’s pictures in the Vogue issue. The first lady appears on the cover in a sleeveless magenta Jason Wu dress to showcase her toned arms. If you were expecting over the top glamourous photoshoot, this aint it folks. Michelle is captured in her element and comes out as matronly and powerful, which she truly is.

Talley managed to capture the fact that the first lady is down-to-earth, ready to make positive changes that can be emulated by families everywhere and how much of a comfort she can be to others.

The first lady’s effortless style is highlighted by the well tailored and dresses, kitten heels – which she have become her go to because of her height, and cardigan-skirt combos. She poses in front of the balcony of the Hay Adams hotel wearing a black knee length Narcisco Rodriguez dress with kitten heels. Fashion editor Tonne Goodman styled the shoot. The shoot would not have been complete without an outfit from J.Crew, which has become Michelle’s uniform. For the Vogue issue, she wears a J.Crew salmon wool cardigan, top, and tweed skirt. I think Vogue managed to capture the essence and style of Michelle Obama; I just wish they had chosen other designers the first lady is likely to wear instead of going for the “J.CREW” outfit which is has been done and done and done.



3 Responses to “Michelle Obama’s Vogue pictures revealed”

  1. ecrunner February 11, 2009 at 3:27 pm #

    TO be honest, I thought the < HREF="http://www.ceiva.com/?utm_source=bc" REL="nofollow">pictures<> were a bit boring. She looks uncomfortable in them. But her style is nice. I like that she chose her own clothes.

  2. Windy Miller February 22, 2009 at 3:48 pm #

    To ecrunner: YOU are a LOT boring and YOU just had to be negative. Michelle is down-to-earth and being herself. She is not trying to impress anyone. YOU need to take notes from her! Michelle, you look great and it gets better!

  3. Anonymous March 8, 2009 at 6:32 pm #

    Oh what ever Windy! First of all, dont take it personal. Ecrunner was just giving her thoughts. AND i do agree with her!

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