Confessions of a Georgetown Bachelor: Meeting the Parents

10 Feb

In the wake of “Senior Parent’s Weekend” here at Georgetown University I decided to grace the District with my limitless knowledge of being the man and tell you how to impress a significant other’s family. Granted, much more goes into a first impression than simply clothing (for example being a drunken mess) but if you are going to make an ass out of yourself you might as well do it with some swagger.

Here is an example of a great look by Ralph Lauren that exudes confidence and the ability to pull off looking like a Georgetown asshole.

Step one: Wear a brightly colored, well-made blazer to show that you are completely fine with handling the skepticism of every patron in the restaurant.

Step two: Wear dark colored pants so all the attention goes up top by that beautiful mug of yours.

Step three: Neutral colored accessories such as a tie and pocket square that will slightly tone down such a flamboyant heterosexual.

Step four: If you actually have a shirt in your wardrobe that goes with said items, throw that bad boy on. I prefer any shirt with a nice white cutaway collar to show you know how to handle the pressure on—and off—the court.

To wrap it all up you need some timeless shoes such as Harrys [of London] and some obnoxious socks. There is no better way to elegantly give the middle finger to the people who spawned your loved one than to dress like an asshole and actually pull it off.

Just remember, nothing takes the edge off of interview questions like a few glasses of single malt…and just like it did for that Taiwanese hooker found in your penthouse last spring, age does matter.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,


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Charles Tyrwhitt

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