Designer obsession with skyscraper earrings

3 Feb

What is the American fascination with “bigger is better”? From food to cars (not so much anymore) to houses and just about anything blingy, we’ve been hypnotized by the media that the guy with the bigger “anything” is better. This syndrome seems to be the newest fixture among designers who cannot think women will endure physical pain to wear anything. The newest trend on the Spring runway is that of big earrings. No, not chandelier earrings. I mean skyscraper earrings that weigh more than the ear can support.

Zac Posen accessorized his models showing off his spring collection in these monstrous earrings that have now caught the attention of the media. This morning on the Today show, an expert was brought on to talk about the dangers of wearing earrings that are too heavy for the ears. Wearing these earrings sporadically is alright but most women don’t do that. We wear our earrings for a night out on the town or to work – hopefully no one will attempt to wear earrings like those pictured to work.

What will happen if you wear these earrings for too long? If the earrings are too heavy, it might tear through the earlobe with prolonged wear. You also risk the chance of permanently scaring your ears. Those whose ears have been pierced since infancy have a better chance of wearing these earrings for longer periods of time. Still why subject yourself to that. The news anchor even went as far as weighing a pair of these skyscraper earrings. The result: it’s equivalent to wearing 20 dimes stacked on each ear.

His best advice was to wear the earrings sporadically, take them out, avoid them being caught on clothing by taking them off before removing sweaters and dresses and take them out when you sleep. If you happen to tear the earlobe, there is a simple procedure to sew the earlobe them repierce it. That’s too much to go through for me. Wear with care and at your own risk because honestly ladies, fashion does not have to be painful.

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