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Lust or Must: Grey Leather Motorcycle Jacket

30 Dec

On my lust list is a grey leather motorcycle jacket. This type of jacket is the quintessential bad girls jacket. The jacket will put you in an ultra rebellious mode when paired with some straight leg or skinny jeans, black high heeled shoes a la Louboutin, and a plain t-shirt. What I am truly lusting after is a really gorgeous Rick Owens Washed Side Zip Leather Jacket from the Spring 09 collection. At just over $2200, this jacket is way too rich for my blood and definitely not recessionista friendly. The age old question of “to splurge to save?” came to mind when I contemplated putting my name on the wait list. Oh what to do?

I began shopping around to see if I could find a similar jacket for a lot less. I perused online retailers like Chic Downtown, Pink Mascara and many others and found a Veda Cropped Leather Snap Jacket at Intermix for just $309. The Veda jacket from last season is still chic and has all the elements of a chic motorcycle jacket. It has the asymmetrical zipper just like the Rick Owens jacket, slightly darker and shorter. The Rick Owens jacket, which isn’t even available until January 31, has a more prominent collar and zipper details on the pockets. The minute differences are not troublesome enough to dissuade me from going for the Veda. The choice is simple: Veda jacket is a must and Rick Owens’ is a lust. If I had a black Amex, I would splurge on Rick Owens but since I have a Visa card, I will go for the Veda.

Lust List: Rochelle Behrens Collection Tailored Button Down Shirt

28 Dec

There are a few basic pieces every woman must have in her closet, a crisp button down shirt being one of them. I have about a dozen button down shirts in my closet, each very well made but has that little gap between the second and third button. I often find myself using a safety pin to keep this gap closed to avoid the unsightly bra or cleavage peek-a-boo act. Unless your shirts are tailor made, you ladies know exactly what I mean.

One woman discovered a solution for the unsightly gap and has created a button down shirt that fits perfectly without that “gap.” Rochelle Behrens, who currently resides in Washington, has worn her fair share of shirts. From her beginnings on Capitol Hill to a very successful lobbying career, Ms. Behrens definitely knows a thing or two about looking polished during meetings with the big wigs. She has designed a collection of career and casual wear for the woman who wants to have it all. My favorite in her collection is the tailored button down shirts. The shirts ranging in price from $105 to $195 have a patent-pending system that keeps the shirt pulling and gaping. This shirt should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, especially those that wear button down shirts often.

The shirts come in an array of colors and patterns for work and play. The Navy and Cream Ticked Tailored Button Down will look very good with jeans or cordoruy pants and a long gold necklace.



Granville Millinery Company Headbands

28 Dec

Thousands of girls nationwide flocked to accessories counters in search of dainty headbands that would enable them to channel their inner Blair Waldrof a la Gossip Girl. It seems like nowadays Blair and Serena set trends for the viewers of Gossip Girl. The show has gotten a lot of criticism for its content and making girls and young women buy things they cannot afford. Sure the it bag will put you back a grand but not some of the smaller accessories.

Blair Waldorf’s headbands have been a hit coast to coast and the trend of girls wearing headbands will not fade. Next to a ponytail holder, wearing a headband is the easiest way to spruce up any hair do or fix a bad hair day. Headbands also come in so many different colors, and with various accents that it’s hard to choose the right one. I have been lusting after unique and handmade headbands for a while and just fell in love with Granville Millinery‘s delectable assortment of well made headbands.

Milliner Amy Hamilton has designed four headbands for the girls who crave a bit of originality and style. Each headband costs $48 and are made to order. What more could you ask for? The four well priced and ultra chic headbands are so lust worthy. I couldn’t pick just one. I especially love the blue with bowtie like feathers and dainty pearls. These headbands are grownup and can be worn with any outfit. If you are looking for a more formal headpiece for evening wear, Amy also makes incredibly beautiful headpieces fit for any special occasion.

Recessionista: Norma Kamali for Walmart

28 Dec

Looking for recession proof wardrobe choices for work and play? Look no further than Walmart for cheap and chic dresses and separates. New York designer Norma Kamali teamed up with Walmart to design affordable suits, tees, skirts, and dresses priced from $10 to $20 per piece for the suburban set.

Outfit your entire closet with staples like the wrap dress that comes in red, black and a leopard print, the turtleneck dress, tank dress, skirts and more. For less than $200 you can get an entire wardrobe from one of the most respected American designers, Norma Kamali. The designer did not skimp on quality for the lower priced line. Great fabrics like jersey and rayon are meticulously cut and sewned to flatter the average woman. You can look like a million dollars without breaking the bank. Some pretty baubles in gold, silver and even diamonds will transform any of the peices into the collection into a statement outfit.

Chanel Accessories for Spring 2009

28 Dec

Karl Lagerfeld’s genius is once again apparent in his beautifully executed spring 2009 collection for Chanel. Lagerfeld’s impeccable attention to detail shows in every neatly cropped jacket, well cut to fit tweed suit and perfectly polished accessories. Though he stays true to Chanel’s core vision, Lagerfeld always adds a bit of a twist that to retain a bit of his personality in his creations. For spring 2009, there are so many wonderful accessories that those of us who cannot afford a Chanel ensemble can still add to our fashion arsenal.

Models on the Chanel runway wore two toned hosiery that looked like they’d stepped out of the court of Louis XIII. What is remarkable about the the hosiery is that it looks very wearable but maintains a bit of quirkiness. I probably would not recomment wearing it to with an above the knee dress or suit for the office but if you feel a bit playful, letting it peek sporadically beneath your dress or skirt during a dinner date is a must.

Another very Lagerfeld-ish accessory in the spring 2009 collection for Chanel is the clear lucite shoe with feathers. So playful and quirky for the girl who can let her hair down and have some serious fun. Lagerfeld takes the stuffiness out of Chanel and gives it a refreshing twist. Most of the accessories in the spring collection will run anywhere from $200 to $5000.

What would Catwoman wear to a dinner party?

28 Dec

Sometimes I wonder what cartoon characters and superheros wear in their downtime and when they are not fighting crime. A lot of them have secret identities but what happens when Batman or Wolverine or even Catwoman is invited to a blacktop event? The men – Batman and Superman – will probably opt for their costumes but I know Catwoman would probably want to skip the ultra revealing latex and leather for a more ladylike ensemble. Bluemarine knows a thing or two about keeping a look sexy and sophisticated. For the spring 2009 collection, Anna Molinari designed an impressive collection for the woman with gusto.

One piece in the collection reminded me of something Catwoman would choose if she were to attend a dinner party. The sexy halter one piece jumper is purrfect for a dinner party. The jumper keeps its sex appeal with a sheer chiffon cape so whispy and delicate yet still maintains an allure of power. The headdress is also purrfect for Catwoman to keep her secret identity.


Lauren Conrad in 3.1 Phillip Lim for ‘The Hills’ Finale

28 Dec

Hills star Lauren Conrad celebrated the season finale of ‘The Hills’ on December 23 with fellow cast mates Audrina and Whitney in style. Audrina and Lauren looked fabulous but I don’t really know what Whitney was thinking looking like a nature child from the Priarie with a flower headdress and a long purple ruffle dress. What was even worse was Whitney pairing fuchsia shoes with the dress. Her outfit was a total miss. I know she’s trying to set herself apart from her cast mates but she looked completely out of place and not fit to be working for Diane von Furstenberg.

The award for the most fabulously dressed girl goes to Lauren Conrad, who looked radiant with messy waves, red lipstick and a showstopping sequin ruffle dress. The reality star turned designer opted for a gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim Ruffle Shoulder Sequin dress from his 2009 Resort Collection. The dress is available for pre-order at Luisa Viaroma for 718 Euros.