Interview with Teen Vogue Fashion Stylist Danica Wilcox

28 Oct

I had the opportunity of interviewing Teen Vogue Fashion Stylist Danica Wilcox at the Teen Vogue “Young Hollywood” Launch Party at CUSP in Georgetown two weeks ago. The uber stylish Wilcox was all smiles as she unveiled some of falls must have pieces including a hot little YSL number that every fashionista in the room was coveting. She took the time to chat with me a bit about DC fashion and some of trends for the upcoming season.

Who’s got more style: Washingtonians or New Yorkers?
From what I’ve seen in the last couple of days, Washingtonians are dress more sophisticated and not as preppy as I had imagined. The women are definitely fashion forward and are very much invested in fashion.

The Gossip Girls trend is big now, especially the Blair Waldorf look. What do you think of it?
The look should retire. It’s not affordable for the masses.

Favorite piece in your closet?
It would have to be a men’s white shirt. I have about 10 of them.

First designer item you ever bought?
Vintage YSL. Still have it and wear

Who is the best designer out there today?
Fashion forward would be Alber Albaz or Nicholas Ghesquire. As for young designers, I think Acne designs an amazing clothing line.

If you could spend the day with one fashion icon living or dead, who would it be?
Martin Margiela because no one has ever seen him.

This wouldn’t be Washington if I didn’t ask you a political question. Which first lady’s style is more appealing to women and why?
Michelle Obama she is very hip but stil relates to the average woman. She wears Erickson Beamon jewelry and Thakoon dresses.

One Response to “Interview with Teen Vogue Fashion Stylist Danica Wilcox”

  1. Stanley Saint-Amand January 27, 2009 at 8:49 am #

    It is very challenging to design a plain men’s white shirt that can stand out. In order to do so, innovation is an understatement. A good example of innovation can be found at I agree, in Washington or in NY, a men’s white shirt is also a favorite.

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