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Chic in the City: Andrea Rodgers

29 Sep

George Bush might run the nation’s capital but Andrea Rodgers is the city’s unofficial mayor and first lady. Better known as Miss A to the Georgetown community and the blogging world, Andrea has made a name for herself as a philanthropist, dating and relationship columnist, and socialite.
Since the inception of Late Night Shots, Andrea has been a confidant, friend, sometimes mother figure and a voice of reason for hundreds of Washington, DC’s young socialites. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Andrea has always lived the fabulous life under the limelight with grace and style. Whether spearheading efforts to raise money for The Courage Cup, a non-profit dedicated to helping at risk urban youth, or planning and hosting some of DC’s most well attended charity events, the gorgeous blonde is always chic.

The Holland-born and North Carolina raised Steel Magnolia is one of the most caring and dedicated women in the city who uses her popularity to help those in need. By raising money through the many charities she has founded or lead, Andrea has always had a weak spot in her heart for those less fortunate. As the leader of the Blonde Charity Mafia, a group of blondes in the charity circuit, Andrea has tirelessly raised thousands of dollars to some of Washington, DC’s best charities. At this year’s Courage Cup, she came dressed to impress in her navy Black Halo dress accessorized with her faithful pup Gatsby, also stylishly decked in a blue polka dot bow.

In a city full of power players, it’s sometimes difficult to set yourself apart from the heavy hitters but Andrea has definitely done just that. Her Ask Miss A is a go to resource for not only the relationship challenged and the love struck but also serves as a go to for DC events and interesting tidbits on etiquette and fitness. Andrea is a wealth of knowledge for those looking to make their mark DC in a positive way. She is on the board of Innocents at Risk, volunteers with DC Cares for Habitat for Humanity, and belongs to the Junior League of Washington and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Even with a busy schedule, Andrea manages to go from the board room to the polo fields in some of the most sought after frocks.  Andrea gives a glimpse into what makes her so Chic in the City.

Name: Andrea Rodgers

Age: 37
Job: Dating & Relationship Columnist / Socialite / Philanthropist
Neighborhood: Alexandria, VA

How would you describe your look?
Ladies Who Lunch Chic

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
Good basics. I feel the art of building a wardrobe has been lost. Ladies today seem to follow the trend of the moment, and buy outfits rather than pieces that will last and work with what they already own.

Do you have a fashion mentor?
My mother who was a European fashion designer for my Grandfather’s label back in the 60’s and 70’s

Who are your favorite designers?
Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Dior

What designers or labels do you actually wear the most?
Noviello-Bloom, Kay Unger, David Meister, Pink Tartan

First designer item ever bought?
Wasn’t bought, but inherited a classic Burberry pleated skirt which my mother received from my grandfather back in the 60’s. It’s my favorite piece of clothing.

Where do you shop?
Online. I don’t have time to actually go to a store. Usually Saks, Neimans or Nordstrom online.

What are you lusting after right now?
Saw some great things at South Moon Under recently, but I’m not lusting after any one piece.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
A big purse. I think my purse weighs 25 lbs. I am a true “Girl Scout”. I always have clear nail polish in case of a run, a nail file, cuticle cutters, a sewing kit, Tylenol, bandaids, pen & pad, and a Swiss Army knife at all times.

To Latenight or Not to Latenight?
The only Latenight I do is LateNightShots.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?
I blog; meet with clients; fundraise; plan events; manage event host committees, nonprofit boards and websites.

What’s your favorite bar?
I don’t really go to bars, so I don’t have a favorite.

What’s in your DVD player right now?
Gone with the Wind

How much is too much to spend on a pedicure?
More than $40. I’m pretty frugal.

When’s bedtime?
Depends on my schedule, and if I’m inspired to write late at night.

Brunch: pro or con?
Con. I don’t want the calories, and don’t like drinking during the day. I have too much to do. I prefer to watch the Sunday news shows with some fat-free yogurt and fruit.

Most expensive thing in your closet?
A Chanel purse.

What do you hate most about living in DC?
I don’t hate anything about it.

Metro, Cab it or Drive?

Style icon who represents your style the most?
Elle Wood from Legally Blonde

Vogue, Elle or Bazaar?

Ravens or Redskins?
Neither. I’m a supporter of Team Blonde which supports the Alzheimer’s Association in Blondes vs. Brunettes.

If you could be anything what would it be?
A Bond Girl.

Would you rather be a superhero or a villain? What powers would you have?
Superhero – I have no idea, maybe I’d fly so I wouldn’t have to sit in traffic.

What is the one thing you do often when no one is looking?
I’m pretty open. I have no idea.

Marie Claire to Sponsor Project Runway

27 Sep

As most of you Project Runway fans have heard, the show will be moving to Lifetime and Los Angeles next season along with your favorite fashion editor/judge, Nina Garcia. Along with Nina and Lifetime comes Marie Claire who will sponsor Project Runway, replacing Elle magazine after five seasons. Former Elle editor Nina Garcia became the new fashion director at Marie Claire a few weeks ago after speculation over whether she would stay on PR as a judge with Elle still being a sponsor.

Bottega Veneta Men’s Accessories for Spring 2009

27 Sep

The key to achieving any look for day or night is in the finer details. A man can go from frumpy to phenomenal in 10 seconds with a pocket square or a bow tie but can take it even a step higher by learning a few style tips from Bottega Veneta’s spring 09 men’s collection. Thomas Maier added sexy little touches like an orchid on the button hole of an all white silk shantung suit or patterned bowties with a textured vest. Here are a few ideas to elevate your spring wardrobe to classy and chic.


Bottega Veneta Men’s Spring 09 Collection

27 Sep

If Thomas Maier’s collection for Bottega Veneta is indicative of a new trend in men’s fashion, I am open and welcoming to ushering in fashionable men in spring 2009. Maier, who has denounced the salacious men’s fashion full of nudity on the runway in previous years, designed a classic and timeless collection that proved to contrary to the collections he has denounced. The collection of crisp white pajama style pants, pastel jackets and carryalls for those casual cool days of spring transitioned to classic separates and suits for evening. Maier brought back square shouldered jackets, pleated trousers, textured ties, pocket squares and accessories as well as the return of saddle shoes for the cocktail and event laden gentleman.


Hermes Cartouche Bracelet in Silver and Evercalf Leather

27 Sep

No man or woman will ever want to take off this lucky charm once it is tied,’ professes the Hermes presskit describing the Cartouche Bracelet in Silver and Evercalf Leather.

This simple yet elegant bracelet is fit to be tied on the wrists of the people you love and treasure most. Every princess or prince in your life deserves a little bit of luxury and nothing is befitting than a little treasure from Hermes. The Cartouche Bracelet in Silver and Evercalf Leather is available in Hermes boutiques for $405.

Kate Spade Elba Exotic Paola

27 Sep

Looking for an evening clutch with personality? Kate Spade has got you covered. The Kate Spade Elba Exotic Paola is just that, exotic, with the croc embossed calfskin leather and delicate hardware. The Kate Spade Elba Exotic Paola is available in a decadent ruby, vibrant mustard, and a luscious chocolate. As always, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, so when you don’t feel like carrying the bag on the shoulders as a hangbag, just tuck the gold chain into the bag and use it as a clutch.

Kate Spade Elva Exotic Paola, $395

Louis Vuitton Spy Richelieu in Python Elevates Style to A Whole New Level

25 Sep

Nothing will elevate your baller status more than with the new Louis Vuitton Spy Richelieu in a slithering and cool Python Leather. Louis Vuitton released the Spy Richelieu in its AW09 men’s pret-a-porter catalog and I am lovin’ it. The two-tone lace-up is luxury at it’s finest. The Richelieu is serious business, just like it’s namesake. Although this shoe is far from what might have been worn in the court of Louis XIII, you will have absolute influence wearing this shoe. Available in Taupe and Cognac for $1,560, Louis Vuitton has outdone itself for the men’s wear for the fall. Finding the Louis Vuitton Spy Richelieu in Python Leather is a bit difficult because the online shop is currently selling the leather version of the shoe in different colors. With a bit of patience and resourcefulness, you might find it at Forzieri or some of the luxury stores soon enough. I will keep you posted.

Estée Lauder’s TurboLash Mascara Sold Out

25 Sep

Estée Lauder launched TurboLash, a battery operated mascara this summer that, according to the beauty giant, will transform lashes to greater lengths. TurboLash, the first of its kind, has already sold out online on Estee Lauder’s website and is available exclusively and in limited quantities at Saks Fifth Avenue. The $30 tube of mascara is gel formula composed of olive oil, paraffin wax and jellied water that instantly solidifies after application.

Saks Fifth Avenue describes TurboLash as:

“Turbo-charged” motion mascara with auto-powered, vibrating brush gives you volume, length, curl and separation all at once. Gently vibrating LashSonic Brush with micro-pulse bristles continuously separates and saturates lashes. Find lashes you didn’t even know you had and coat them instantly and perfectly. The motion brush keeps lashes clump-free so you can reapply several coats, even refresh during the day. A worldwide first.

Anyone tried this yet? I need some reviews. Lancôme, will launch launch Ôscillation, a battery operated mascara, vibrating 7,000 times per minute for “perfectly curled” lashes. It’s the machine age of the mascara. Bring on the big guns.

Swap Wives, Swap Lives with ABC’s Hit Reality Show Wife Swap

25 Sep

Do you have a family full of models? Is looking good the top priority in your family? Are designer clothes a must? If you answered yes – then I want to talk to you!

The premise of Wife Swap is that one parent from each household swaps places for a week to experience how another family lives. It is an incredible family experience and opportunity to both learn and teach different family values.

Wife Swap is a fascinating story of what happens when two couples see themselves and their partners in a whole new light. The New York Post says, “It should be called ‘Life Swap’ because it’s not just the wives who learn something here. It’s the families.”

Potential families can live anywhere in the continental United States, but we ask that families applying for the show consist of two parents and have at least one child, age 7 -17, living at home.

To submit for the show please email a family photo and description to:

If you are a family unit (two parents and children between the ages of 7 and 17) who love an adventure, I would love to hear from you today!

More information is available at:

Documentary On Valentino Is A Hit

25 Sep

The new documentary, Valentino: The Last Emperor, chronicling fashion designer Valentino’s life has received numerous critical acclaim in the festival circuit. The 96-minute documentary, directed by New York-based writer and filmmaker Matt Tyranauer, spans the period between Valentino’s seventieth birthday and his final couture show, highlighting his contributions to the fashion world. Cut and unwrap the silk and chiffon laden plot and the viewer will discover the real plot of the documentary, the fifty-year love story between Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani (yes it’s a mouthful) and Giancarlo Giametti, his confidante, lover, best friend and business partner.

Older gay European couples are not exactly known for their tell-all personalities, so this careful lifting of the veil gives us a sense of the unusual strength and courage these remarkable men needed to navigate the brutal world of egos and high finance – and to do so together. Their moments onscreen are touching, joyous and heartbreaking. Their five dogs (all pugs! chic!) are a constant delight. [FashionSpot]

Previews of the documentary look brilliant. The film debuted in Toronto earlier this month and is slated to hit other countries and cities late this year. For more information visit