Abaeté Fall Collection Now Available at Saks

18 Aug

Abaeté’s fall collection is now available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Jump into fall with Abaeté’s collection of knits tops, wool skirts and  pants.  One of my favorites in the collection for Saks is the Darcy Sweater Mini Dress in an argyle print.  The two skirts available are youthful and classic. The Nancy Flared Wool Skirt is a must for the ladies with curves.  The skirt comes with a removable petticoat so those who don’t like volume can simply remove the petticoat for a less flouncy look. A simple long sleeved grey tshirt, pearls and heels and a little tweed jacket will take this skirt from cute to glam.  

One Response to “Abaeté Fall Collection Now Available at Saks”

  1. Anonymous August 18, 2008 at 10:41 pm #

    Abaete’s clothes are ill fitting and knock offs, nothing is original or unique. Everything i have from her falls apartLisa-nyc

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